Let’s talk SKIN!

With the change of seasons, I definitely pay more attention to my skin! Because the air is dryer in the colder months, I find myself having to moisturize more often and reach for products that provide extra hydration to my skin. This is why I’ve been incorporating oils as well as creams into my skin care routine.

I wanted to share two products I’ve been using and loving for the skin on my body: Advanced Clinicals Hemp Seed Oil Instant Hydration Cream and Hemp Seed Instant Hydration Body Oil

I typically reach for the oil right after I shower because oil is best used to seal the hydration in your skin. Hemp seed oil contains unique nutritional content and has one of the highest Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid contents of any oil and a perfect ratio of Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids. In other words, its perfect for dry skin!

I use the hemp seed oil hydration cream in the mornings and this one from Advanced Clinicals is brimming with rosehip, coconut and evening primrose oils. These ingredients help revitalize dehydrated skin. This cream is also infused with ultra-softening shea butter and antioxidant Vitamin E to defend against premature signs of aging. The combination of the two has kept my skin healthy, hydrated and happy! 🙂

Even with the dryer air in the colder months, my face will always and forever be oily. One of the few products that has helped my oily acne prone skin is rose water. The hydration provided by rose water tends to do a pretty good job at balancing out my oils. Lately I’ve been loving the Advanced Clinicals rosewater toner. My pores are happy to absorb this delicate rosewater formula and this toner preps my skin for serums and moisturizers to follow.

And onto the serums…I love incorporating Vitamin C into my skin care routine! This serum from Advanced Clinicals has helped my skin look firmer and added radiance. The ferulic acid in this serum supports a luminous, youthful radiance and helps even the skin tone. And who doesn’t love an even skin tone?! I also use Vitamin C mists- basically anything Vitamin C, count me in!

The last product I wanted to share with you babes is the rosewater hydra-gel face mask. I honestly LIVE for good face masks because in between my facials, I use masks to maintain/keep my skin hydrated, clean, and happy! I will use a face mask 3-4 times a week (I know, I go a little crazy) but I think it really makes a difference to my skin. Can’t say enough good things about rosewater!!! I use this mask overnight and when I wake up, my skin feels SO SOFT and plump!!! This mask is infused with Vitamin E, ginger, blackberry, green tea and pomegranate extracts which are all ingredients that help plump the skin. And of course, the rosewater hydrates the skin which = happiest skin!

Lastly, I wanted to share a little background about Advanced Clinicals. They are a problem-solving skin care line that stands behind high-quality ingredients and advanced, scientific delivery systems. They aim to offer powerful skin care solutions at attainable prices– all Advanced Clinicals products retail for $15 and under!! Better yet, I have a discount code for you to use to save even more money!!! KAT30 for everything on their website 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this read and found it to be helpful!

xoxo Kat

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