Seattle and Vancouver

Hello Babes!

I wanted to share some of my Seattle and Vancouver adventures with y’all! Although I was pretty much off the grid for the long 4th of July weekend, I did capture a few highlights from my trip! We were only in Seattle and Vancouver for 3 full days and LET ME TELL YOU….we were DEFINITELY too ambitious! Although we packed in quite a few activities, it was still an extremely fun and eventful vacation! We went to Seattle because my little sister is interning at Amazon this summer (smarty pants–software development engineer!) and we wanted to pay her a visit! This was also my first trip traveling as an engaged couple with my fiance and family!!!

Don’t worry, on the 4th, we were actually in AMERICA haha! We checked out the Pike Market place, purchased a few goodies and enjoyed walking around in the city. We’ve all been to Seattle before so we skipped out on some of the touristy spots. The weather was beautiful as you’ll see in the photos!! Luckily, my sister lives 10 minutes from the Space Needle and the view from her balcony was INCREDIBLE! I was pretty happy that we didn’t have to head to Lake Union to grab a spot in the crowd to watch the fireworks!

Being the patriotic Americans that we are….haha we went to a baseball game on the 4th! It was such a fun experience because the stadium is absolutely beautiful, with amazing views and the energy of the crowd was great! (although there were more Cardinal fans than the Mariners?!)

Seattle Skyline from my sister’s apartment rooftop!

And of course… I got some photos in!! Not too many because the weather wasn’t GREAT in Vancouver but I was just happy I got to wear the dresses I brought!! (no rain on the days we were in Seattle!) On the 5th, we headed up to Vancouver- which is actually only a 2.5 hour drive. TIP: LOOK UP DIFFERENT BORDER CROSSINGS TO SAVE TIME! On the way to Vancouver, we took the route that most people take (thanks to myself not having done research), and had to wait about 1.5 hours in the car to cross the border!! However, on the way back to Seattle, my genius fiance looked up an alternative route and we crossed the border within 15 minutes!!!

In Vancouver, we stayed downtown at the Sandman Hotel (pretty good bang for your buck because the location is central). We explored three main attractions in the 1.5 days we were there. Sadly we lost half a day driving up and waiting in line to cross the border! First we visited Granville Island, which was filled with cute shops, specialized markets, amazing food and just all around great vibes! Musicians were playing music and it was just a very relaxing and hip place. Definitely worth paying a visit:

Although the weather in Vancouver was quite….WINTER LIKE (even in July!)…I fell in love with the abundance of plants and flowers there! The hydrangeas were INSANELY beautiful!!! And there is greenery everywhere you walk! That was probably one of my favorite things about Vancouver- the lushness.

Granville Island

Next, we visited Seawall! Essentially its a beautiful trail (for walking or biking) with amazing views of the city skyline. The trail is surrounded by water on one side and green lushness on the other. It was so so peaceful! I would definitely recommend biking there!!! I believe Seawall and Stanley Park are essentially in the same area and be sure to check out the totem poles there! Definitely unique and not something you would see everyday!

Totem Poles at Stanley Park

And last but not least, we went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge! It was sprinkling/raining that day but a little rain didn’t damper our mood. It was absolutely beautiful and it felt amazing to be so close to the gigantic trees. I love breathing in fresh air like that!!! The bridge was not wobbly or scary…unless you have a fear of heights of course! But be warned, there is an entrance fee (I believe about $50) and it does get crowded. So if you’re looking to get a shot on the bridge with no photo bombers… I’d suggest going EARLY. The park had multiple sites (similar to a theme park) and we even got to see an owl! We walked through the tree top adventures and living forest! Be prepared to do a lot of walking but its 100% worth it!

After the Suspension Bridge, we went to a mall to do some shopping, ate some food and headed back to Seattle. On the way back, we pulled over because there was an INCREDIBLE LAKE and I just had to stop! The weather blessed us that afternoon, and we finally saw some sunshine!!! This was probably one of my favorite parts of our trip! Taking an unexpected stop for this beauty!! It was memorable and magical–will always remember it!!

Jam packed 3 days… with a 6am flight on Sunday, which got cancelled (won’t go into that..!) BUT we spent the last night in Seattle, ordered in Uber Eats and watched STRANGER THINGS!!! What a great way to end an amazing trip!

Hope you enjoyed the read!

xoxo Kat

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