Being a Bo$$ Lady

Hello my loves! In one of my most recent Instagram Posts, I briefly touched on the topic of ‘trousers’ and feeling like a ‘Bo$$ lady’ when I’m in a pair and then I thought to myself, why not expand on that subject. I thought I would share something a bit more personal on my blog.

My career has always been my number 1 and it’s given me countless blessings and a very comfortable life. However, with that said, I have, also, always given it my all. In fact, maybe given too much!…the countless hours that were taken away from my family and friends. For the longest time, my priority was so focused on progressing in my career that I had neglected my emotional and mental well being. It wasn’t until a year ago, when I finally hit a tipping point… when I finally paused, and stopped to think- is all of this worth it!? Simply put, I was burnt out. I had been on auto-pilot for so long that I was forgetting the many reasons of why I loved my job. I was struggling because it felt like I was ready to end a long term relationship (the bittersweet, painful emotions). There’s something comforting about knowing what you do, and being good at it as well, that made it hard to step away. Something comforting about knowing where you stand and the respect you’ve earned within an organization. I knew that I would be walking away from something reputable, something that consistently challenged me, but I also knew I would be walking away from something that had sucked up part of my soul (sorry a little dramatic but at that point, its truly how I felt). And the decision to leave what I had known for 6 years, the ONLY job I’ve had since graduating, was incredibly scary.

I always analogized that job to a relationship because it had its ups and downs but the pros outweighed the cons…for a good while. And I really never thought I would ever leave… as crazy as it sounds! I envisioned myself climbing to the very top, and I knew I could do it. I believed in my myself, and that is one thing I am always proud of – knowing my worth and believing that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. So when that day finally came…when I communicated to my mentors, bosses, teams, that I was going to leave the organizational…it was emotion to say the least. I cried, I was excited, and anxious, nervous, afraid… I even questioned my decision several times, but I knew I was ready. I needed to step away…for my own sanity and happiness.

And yes, I am still working today! However, I left for a new job that I knew would give me a better work-life balance, which in turn would give me the opportunity to free my mind and soul. I wanted a slower paced environment, although still challenging, that gave me time. Time, to me, is most valuable. I need this time to focus on all the other aspects of my life and allow myself to truly think about what it is that I want in my life, what brings me the most fulfillment and happiness. I am still in search and figuring it out but I am so happy that I finally started this blog, and my Instagram. I needed this creative outlet, I needed to find some way to live out my passion for fashion and traveling…and I am so incredibly grateful for the ability to just freely express my thoughts and share my #ootds (haha)! I wouldn’t say my job is perfect now, but its a change that I needed.

If you’ve stuck around to read this long post… thank you! I hope you’ve learned a little bit more about me. I do struggle with being open and vulnerable but I think writing in this blog will really help. I hope reading this has brought some inspiration into your own life. Recognize when its time to let go of the things that no longer serves you well or bring you happiness. And don’t be afraid to take little risks here or there, or even big ones (coming from a very risk-adverse person) because being content is not living! I will try to keep up with these posts and expand more on my current situation, including my experience so far in this digital space of blogging and social media. Hope you’ve enjoyed this read ♥

Live your fullest life, in color and laughter!



And did you think I would write a post without sharing some of my fashion finds?!?! Here are some gorgeous, unique trousers I found for all you bo$$ ladies out there!


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